May 7, 2021 Vulcan Energy

Geothermal/ Lithium developer Vulcan Energy/ Vulcan Energy Resources has announced the acquisition of German geothermal engineering company Global Engineering and Consulting GmbH (Gec-Co).

With that the company is doubling the size of its technical team. Gec-Co is an engineering team with experience in surface development and geothermal projects both in Germany and worldwide. The company’s focus is on projects at surface, like power plants, heat stations and drill pads, plus geothermal projects in high- and low-enthalpy brines around the world.

The acquisition follows Vulcan’s recent agreement to acquire sub-surface development company GeoThermal Engineering.

With the acquisition of both companies, Vulcan says it will have an unparalleled surface and sub-surface geothermal development team to assist with its Zero Carbon Lithium strategy.