Vulcan Values

Our Vulcan Values define who we are as a company and lay the foundation for how we drive success, both as a business and as individuals. As such, the Vulcan Values shape our company culture and ensure we attract and recruit the best people for the job.

Integrity – because we are respectful, authentic and trustworthy both to each other and to external groups. We collaborate with our stakeholders and build long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.

Future-focused – because we are working for a better future, and we are innovative, disruptive and think outside the box to find solutions.

Leadership – because every employee in the Vulcan Group has their own important part to play in the success of the company. We work together from around the world, we are leaders and always strive for excellence.

Sustainability – because a zero carbon future means living and acting in a way now that is environmental and has a positive impact on future generations. Sustainability is the bedrock of what we stand for.