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Zero Carbon Lithium™

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Vulcan Energy is aiming to decarbonise the transition to electric mobility, through its world-first Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project for electric vehicle batteries, and its renewable energy business.

Backed by a team of world-renowned experts in chemistry, engineering and geology, we aim to produce the world’s first, premium, battery-quality lithium chemicals with zero carbon footprint, by harnessing renewable geothermal energy to drive lithium production, without using evaporation ponds, mining or fossil fuels.

We will do this from our combined deep geothermal and lithium brine resource, which is Europe’s largest lithium resource, in the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany. Our resource is large enough to satisfy Europe’s lithium needs for many years to come, and ensure the transition to electric vehicles is done with minimal environmental footprint.

Europe is the world’s fastest growing lithium chemicals market, with zero local supply. In doing so, we will fix the EU’s lithium problems for the electric vehicle market: a very high carbon and water footprint of production, and total reliance on foreign imports.

Zero Carbon Lithium™

Requiring no evaporation ponds, mining or fossil fuels, our unique, proprietary process works in harmony with the environment by harnessing its natural energy to create lithium with a zero carbon footprint. This unique extraction process creates a surplus of renewable energy, decarbonising the grid, which provides a secondary source of power and income.

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Focus: Europe

Europe is the fastest growing electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery production centre in the world, and the world’s fastest growing lithium market. It has zero local supply, yet at the same time, automakers and governments are pushing for battery raw materials with a zero carbon footprint. With a supply deficit looming in Europe, our Zero Carbon Lithium™ business can meet this need and drive the transition to electric vehicles.

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Team Zero Carbon

Our most important resource: our team of world-renowned experts in chemistry, engineering and geology. We’re from all over the globe, bound together with one goal in common: decarbonising the transition to electric vehicles.

Meet the Vulcan Zero Carbon Lithium™ team.

Zero Carbon Lithium™ Investor Centre

Investing in Vulcan’s Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project is an investment toward a future of environmental harmony and climate balance.

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Proudly disruptive. Vulcan is leading the battery raw materials industry with our Zero Carbon Lithium™ business.

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