drone shot of the geothermal plant Insheim


Vulcan’s purpose is to empower a carbon neutral future to supply lithium chemicals and renewable energy from Europe, for Europe from its ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ and Renewable Energy Project.

Securing Europe's lithium supply chain ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project.

Our  integrated renewable energy and ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project adapts existing, commercially proven technology to produce battery-quality lithium from naturally heated subsurface brine in the Upper Rhine Valley, to deliver a local source of sustainable lithium for the European battery industry, with a co-product of renewable energy.

Take a stand Be first with Vulcan.

As a motivated industry disruptor, Vulcan is leveraging its expert multidisciplinary team, leading technology, and strategic position in the European electric vehicle supply chain in its aim to be the global leader in producing carbon neutral lithium.



Vulcan’s project aims to meet timely market entry and decarbonise the lithium supply chain.


In Europe, for Europe

Europe’s first Lithium Extraction Optimisation Plant to produce tonnes of carbon neutral lithium.


Green transition

Vulcan uses geothermal renewable energy to secure clean energy supply chains.

Strategically placed Focus Europe.

Europe is one of the fastest-growing electric vehicle manufacturing markets in the world. Demand for lithium in Europe is expected to increase 57-fold by 2050, and the European Union is targeting at least 40% of material processing and refinement to be carried out within its borders.

Currently, there is zero local supply of battery-quality lithium hydroxide within Europe. Vulcan therefore aims to be producing enough lithium hydroxide for 500,000 electric vehicles from Phase One of the ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project, and 1 million electric vehicles per annum when Phase Two is operational.

EV charging power

Building a sustainable value chain ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™.

Vulcan’s unique proprietary process draws on naturally occurring renewable energy to power its lithium production process, whilst generating excess renewable energy for local heating needs. Vulcan’s production and processing operations are carbon neutral and use zero fossil fuels in the production process. Learn more about the technology behind our production process and ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project.

Geothermal energy is at the heart of Vulcan Renewable energy producer.

As a renewable energy producer, Vulcan extracts natural geothermal heat from a deep brine source and ensures a clean, reliable, and renewable energy source for its operations and partners, as well as baseload renewable power and heating for local communities.

geothermal power plant Insheim

Operating in the Upper Rhine Valley Regional development locations.

The Upper Rhine Valley region is in a particularly advantageous geological location: at a depth of around 3,600 meters, there is a very large geothermal brine resource, which also contains high concentration of lithium. Only a few regions in the world offer such favorable conditions for the co-production of lithium and renewable heat.

Ortenau drone shot, landscape

Natürlich Ortenau

The project-region Ortenau is in the south-west of Baden-Württemberg between the Black Forest and the Rhine.
drone shot Project Region Pfalz

Natürlich Pfalz

In the south of Rhineland-Palatinate between the Palatinate Forest in the north-west and the Rhine in the south-east the project-region Pfalz is located.
mannheim drone shot, landscape

Natürlich Kurpfalz

Located directly in the border triangle of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse is Mannheim and the project-region Kurpfalz.
Hessen drone shot

Natürlich Hessen

From Lampertheim to the Frankfurt metropolitan region stretches the project region Hessen.

Your journey begins here Careers at Vulcan.

To become the world’s leading carbon neutral lithium provider and enable energy security through geothermal energy, we need team players who are passionate about making a difference. We are looking for innovators, technology enthusiasts and people who are ready to help building a better tomorrow.

  • Join a global community
    At Vulcan, you will work alongside a diverse, multinational team of experts from around the world.
  • Flexible working
    We know that a balanced life is key, hence we are keen to offer this when it is needed.
  • Time to recharge
    Enjoy a 30-day vacation to explore and relax.
  • Multiple benefits
    We have a comprehensive employee benefits program.
Vulcan team run
Vulcan employee inside of the LEOP
Vulcan laboratory, two employees at work
Vulcan presenting the geothermal power plant in Insheim

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