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Creating regional value Upper Rhine Valley Brine Field.

The largest upstream lithium resource in Europe Vulcan’s URVBF.

  • Vulcan’s URVBF lithium resource is 27.7 million tonnes of contained Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (Mt LCE) @ 175 mg/L, in the Phase One Lionheart area. Vulcan’s licence area comprises 18 areas with a total area of 2,234 km2, which can be expanded in stages.
  • Large, 300km-long graben system containing consistent sedimentary-hosted geothermal-lithium reservoir. ​
  • There are currently 36 geothermal plants operating in Germany and 42 active projects. The Federal Government targets to reach 100 plants by 2030.
  • URVBF area is a mature, producing field, with >1,000 oil & gas and 24 deep geothermal wells already drilled in the URV.
drone shot landscape, geothermal power plant

Operating in the Upper Rhine Valley Regional development locations.

The Upper Rhine Valley region is in a particularly advantageous geological location: at a depth of around 3,600 meters, there is huge energy potential in the form of geothermal brine. Only a few regions in Germany offer such favorable conditions for the generation of geothermal energy.

Ortenau drone shot, landscape

Natürlich Ortenau

The project-region Ortenau is in the south-west of Baden-Württemberg between the Black Forest and the Rhine.
drone shot Project Region Pfalz

Natürlich Pfalz

In the south of Rhineland-Palatinate between the Palatinate Forest in the north-west and the Rhine in the south-east the project-region Pfalz is located.
mannheim drone shot, landscape

Natürlich Kurpfalz

Located directly in the border triangle of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse is Mannheim and the project-region Kurpfalz.
Hessen drone shot

Natürlich Hessen

From Lampertheim to the Frankfurt metropolitan region stretches the project region Hessen.