Creating regional value Upper Rhine Valley Brine Field.

The largest upstream lithium resource in Europe Vulcan’s URVBF.

  • Vulcan’s Upper Rhine Valley Brine Field (URVBF), consisting of 16 licenses for a total area of 1,790 km2, represents Europe’s largest lithium resource, with 27.7Mt contained LCE from 10 of its 16 German licenses. ​
  • Large, 300km-long graben system containing consistent sedimentary-hosted geothermal-lithium reservoir. ​
  • There are currently 36 geothermal plants operating in Germany and 42 active projects. The Federal Government targets to reach 100 plants by 2030.
  • URVBF area is a mature, producing field, with >1,000 oil & gas and 24 deep geothermal wells already drilled in the URV.

Operating in the Upper Rhine Valley Regional development locations.

The Upper Rhine Valley region is in a particularly advantageous geological location: at a depth of around 3,600 meters, there is huge energy potential in the form of thermal water. Only a few regions in Germany offer such favorable conditions for the generation of geothermal energy.


Natürlich Ortenau

The project-region Ortenau is in the south-west of Baden-Württemberg between the Black Forest and the Rhine.

Natürlich Pfalz

In the south of Rhineland-Palatinate between the Palatinate Forest in the north-west and the Rhine in the south-east the project-region Pfalz is located.

Natürlich Kurpfalz

Located directly in the border triangle of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse is Mannheim and the project-region Kurpfalz.

Natürlich Hessen

From Lampertheim to the Frankfurt metropolitan region stretches the project region Hessen.