Vulcan geothermal plant in Insheim

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NatürLich Insheim.

Supply to our region NatürLich Insheim.

Natürlich Insheim is located within Vulcan’s Phase One project area and plays a significant role in the company’s decarbonisation strategy. Since 2021, successful lithium production piloting has been carried out on site, taking advantage of the naturally favourable conditions within the area, including both a particularly high occurrence of hot geothermal brine and the significant amounts of lithium in the brine.

drone shot of the geothermal power plant Insheim

Geothermal power plant Natürlich Insheim.

Geothermal renewable energy is at the heart of the ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project. Vulcan’s geothermal power plant Natürlich Insheim, operated by the Natürlich Insheim GmbH, has been producing carbon neutral electricity for ~6,500 households in the Southern Palatinate. Since 1 January 2022, the Insheim geothermal power plant belongs to the Vulcan Group.



Carbon neutral electricity for ~6,500 households.


234.000 MWh

Since 2012, ca. 234.000MWh, of renewable electricity has been produced at the Insheim power plant.


87,000 tonnes

This corresponds to a saving of around 87,000t. of CO2.

Visit our geothermal power plant in Insheim Communication and transparency.

Vulcan’s aim is to comprehensively address and inform political, economic and ecological stakeholders as well as the neighbouring population. For this reason, Vulcan attaches great importance to providing a wide range of information and dialogue and values transparency.

This includes a tour of the geothermal power plant in Insheim. These tours provide information about development progress in the ongoing projects and give interested members of the public an authentic impression of the plant and its operation.

If you would like to visit our geothermal power plant in Insheim, or if you have any questions about our regional projects, please reach out to our regional communications team via the button below.

Michael Theurer visiting the geothermal plant in Insheim
children visiting the geothermal power plant in Insheim
Malu Dreyer visiting the geothermal power plant in Insheim

Using the earth's inexhaustible heat with Deep geothermal technology.

There is great energy potential lying dormant inside the Earth. This enables us to provide affordable base-load renewable energy for local communities. Hot brine is brought to the surface from underground reservoirs and used to generate renewable energy. The geothermal power plant “Natürlich Insheim” has been reliably supplying thousands of households with green electricity since 2012.

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