Important measurement method 3D Seismic.

3D Seismic is a measurement method used for detailed geological exploration of the subsurface. With the help of 3D Seismic, a three-dimensional model of the subsurface is created.

What is it and how does it work? 3D Seismic.

3D Seismic is a measurement method used for detailed geological exploration of the subsurface. With the help of 3D Seismic, a three-dimensional model of the subsurface is created. This is essential in identifying suitable drilling sites for Vulcan’s projects.
3D Seismic is comparable to the ultrasound examination performed by a medical professional: In seismic exploration, an attempt is made to visualize the interior of the Earth without physically opening it. Technically, this is achieved in seismic exploration through sound waves: Specialised vehicles known as Vibro-Trucks traverse the survey area and generate vibrations on the surface, with the resulting waves penetrating the subsurface. These vibrations are reflected by various rock layers and the reflections are then detected at the surface by geophones.

picture of a geophone

Prior to the seismic survey.

  • Obtaining permits from the Mining Office
  • Information and coordination with local authorities, mayors, and municipalities
  • Public Relations and community engagement
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Conducting the seismic survey.

  • Permitting (01) – securing permission to access properties and deploying geophones
  • Surveying, parameter tests, test lines (02)
  • Deploying geophones (03)
  • 3D seismic survey (04)
  • Retrieval of geophones (05)
  • Seismic survey duration depends on survey area and approvals
vibro truck at a Vulcan info stand

Post-seismic survey.

  • In-house data processing, evaluation, and interpretation
  • Remediation and resolution of issues, e. g., on-field roads by road builders
  • Pre-survey phase factors: infrastructure, unexploded ordnance, nature protection
  • State authorities receive data for official duties
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Ensuring safe investigation Does 3D Seismic present any dangers?

Minor damages resulting from 3D Seismic cannot be entirely ruled out despite all precautions. During seismic surveys, the following types of damage may occur, although unlikely:

  • Vibro-Trucks leave tracks.
  • Vibro-Trucks compact the ground.
  • Hairline cracks may appear on the plaster of buildings.

To minimise risks of structural damage, the truck’s vibrations are continuously monitored using vibration monitoring according to DIN 4150 standards, and the risk to the building structure is minimised by adjusting the intensity of vibrations accordingly. In areas with sensitive infrastructure, specific points of stimulation are omitted when necessary.

picture of vibro truck

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