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Increasing upstream brine production Well Engineering & Drilling Operations.

Vulcan has established its own in-house geothermal drilling company, Vercana, due to a high demand for geothermal renewable energy projects.​

Well-known area Increasing upstream brine production.

Vulcan has a highly experienced well construction team, with the full scale well delivery process being covered, as well as drilling operations with 25+ years of experience from Supervisor to Management level.

  • >1,000 oil & gas and 24 deep geothermal wells already completed in the URVBF.​
  • In our Phase One project area, four deep geothermal wells have been in operation for more than 10 years.
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Brine production Conservative approach.

  • Targeting brine production from sandstone only, where seismicity risks are very low, in line with industry best-practice.​
  • Using conservative flow rates estimates, with an average flow rate (85l/s), below demonstrated well performance in the area (>100l/s), leaving room for upside.​
  • Brownfield development, Vulcan is increasing the number of its existing production well sites from two to seven during Phase One project build.

In-house geothermal drilling company Expertise, team and assets. ​

Vulcan has established its own in-house geothermal drilling company, Vercana, due to a high demand for geothermal renewable energy projects.​

  • Two electric rigs acquired in-house.​
  • Contract labour company acquired.
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Know-how within Vulcan Well engineering.

  • Highly experienced well construction team​
  • Full scale well delivery process​
  • Well engineering experience from Oil & Gas operators and Geothermal projects​
  • Experience in onshore operations, HPHT drilling, German regulatory requirements​
  • Data driven decision making using state of the art software solutions and expert knowledge​
  • Established network in drilling and wells community – review process with external experts​
  • Well established supply chain processes​
  • Engineering based on extensive Offset Study​
  • Do-it-right-first-time approach
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Experienced rig crews Drilling operations.

  • Drilling operations with 25+ years of experience
  • Trained and experienced rig crews taken over from previous Rig operator​
  • Strong QHSE culture​
  • Performance driven – operational excellence​
  • Rig setup fully aligned towards VULCAN’s field development plan​
  • Preventative maintenance system​
  • Independency of rig market situation – rig lines established​
  • Best practices and Lessons Learned System​
  • Integrated Well Engineering Team
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As part of our integrated project, we use the deep geothermal energy of the Upper Rhine Graben both for renewable energies and for ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™. We are therefore doing our utmost to provide information about deep geothermal energy. Here you can find further interesting links on the topic.

Since 1991, the German Geothermal Energy Association has made an effort to inform the public about all aspects of geothermal energy and deep geothermal energy. Here you will not only find the latest news and exciting key figures, but also relevant questions about geothermal energy in your home, groundwater protection or insurance in the event of damage.

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The State Geothermal Research Center has worked with experts from various fields to provide comprehensive answers to many questions on deep geothermal energy. Easy-to-understand summaries and clear illustrations for each area make the program accessible to everyone.

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The Rhineland-Palatinate State Office for Mining and Geology can provide special insights into regional geothermal energy and current projects. It also offers services such as the state earthquake service, or explains legislation that is not only essential for us, but can also provide you with valuable background knowledge.

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