drone shot of geothermal power plant Insheim

Using the Earth's inexhaustible heat Deep Geothermal.

Carbon neutral Heat from geothermal energy.

With its hot brine, the geology of the Upper Rhine Valley offers ideal conditions to extract natural geothermal heat and provide electricity. The hot brine is brought from subsurface reservoirs to the surface and is used to generate renewable energy. Vulcan’s geothermal power plant “Natürlich Insheim” has been reliably supplying thousands of households with climate neutral electricity from renewable energy since 2012.

geothermal power plant Insheim, pipes

Advantages of Geothermal energy.

According to the German Federal Association for Renewable Energy, more than 50% of Germany’s energy is needed for heat. By using geothermal renewable energy, Germany and Europe can generate renewable and therefore carbon neutral heating and cooling energy, drastically reducing Germany’s reliance on imports, and making municipalities more self-sufficient.


Climate Neutral

In contrast to fossil fuels, electricity and heat from geothermal energy are carbon neutral.



Geothermal energy is available at all times, regardless of the weather and time of day.



Geothermal energy is available locally and is independent of imports.

How it works District heating with geothermal energy.

The hot brine is brought from subsurface reservoirs up to the surface and used to produce heat and electricity. Heat and electricity are then fed into the grids on site and the brine used is then returned to its natural reservoir in a closed-loop system. Carbon neutral cooling energy can also be produced from this heat in a decentralised process.

geothermal power plant Insheim

Increasing renewable energy production More wells, more geothermal energy.

  • There are currently 36 geothermal plants operating in Germany, 42 active projects (c. 84 wells), and the Federal Government is targeting to reach 100 new projects by 2030.
  • Vulcan owns an existing geothermal renewable energy plant with over 10 years of successful production, supplying approximately 6,500 households with renewable power.
  • Phase One will utilise Vulcan’s existing operational capacity, and increase geothermal renewable energy production:​
    • Insheim: 4.2MW power capacity.​
    • Additional total planned generation capacity: 33MW power capacity, 30MW heat capacity. ​
drone shot of the geothermal power plant Insheim
geothermal power plant Insheim

“Safe, reliable and renewable energy from deep geothermal energy.”

Cris Moreno, portrait picture
Cris Moreno
Managing Director and CEO

How does Vulcan find the right location?

Vulcan investigates the subsurface to a depth of several thousand meters using sound waves triggered by brief vibrations. We do this to find suitable sites to bring brine to the surface and extract the contained lithium using no fossil fuels.

This method is called “3D Seismic”. To find out more about the topic click the link below.

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Learn more About the topic.

As part of our integrated project, we use the deep geothermal energy of the Upper Rhine Graben both for renewable energies and for ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™. We are therefore doing our utmost to provide information about deep geothermal energy. Here you can find further interesting links on the topic.

Since 1991, the German Geothermal Energy Association has made an effort to inform the public about all aspects of geothermal energy and deep geothermal energy. Here you will not only find the latest news and exciting key figures, but also relevant questions about geothermal energy in your home, groundwater protection or insurance in the event of damage.

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The State Geothermal Research Center has worked with experts from various fields to provide comprehensive answers to many questions on deep geothermal energy. Easy-to-understand summaries and clear illustrations for each area make the program accessible to everyone.

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The Rhineland-Palatinate State Office for Mining and Geology can provide special insights into regional geothermal energy and current projects. It also offers services such as the state earthquake service, or explains legislation that is not only essential for us, but can also provide you with valuable background knowledge.

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