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Delivering on our purpose Project Development Locations.

For a climate neutral future, Vulcan is currently active in 4 project development areas around the Upper Rhine Graben.

Project region Natürlich Pfalz.

Between the Palatinate Forest in the north, the Rhine in the south-east and the picturesque vineyards, we are already utilising the advantageous geographical location for you today: the Insheim geothermal power plant has been using state-of-the-art technology to supply more than 8,000 households with climate neutral electricity from renewable energy since 2012. More locations in the Palatinate are set to benefit from this in the future.

drone shot Project Region Pfalz

Project region Natürlich Kurpfalz.

The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region is not only where the two mentioned rivers flow together, but also harbours a major locational advantage: from 2025, our geothermal power plant will use geothermal energy to supply up to 35,000 households in the square city of Mannheim with climate neutral heat from renewable energy. In addition, we anticipate further potential for a base load-capable supply of climate neutral heat and electricity for other locations in the region.

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Project region Natürlich Hessen.

The blossoming orchards, bizarre volcanic landscapes and the River Main stretch across the state borders of BW & Palatinate. From Lampertheim to the Frankfurt metropolitan region, we are planning to supply the region with climate neutral heat from renewable energy from 2026 using modern geothermal power plants. Numerous households as well as industry and commerce in the region will then benefit from the region’s great potential from a base load-capable supply of climate neutral heat and, in future, electricity.

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Project region Natürlich Ortenau.

In the south-west of Baden-Württemberg between the Black Forest and the Rhine lies the Ortenau-Region.

Particularly in times of growing ecological and economic crises, economic independence and therefore security is essential. The economic strength of our region, our jobs and our energy supply must be preserved. Our project creates the basis for sustainable, regional value creation

With our project, we want to make Ortenau a climate pioneer and our region a centre of excellence for the transport and energy transition – so that we can not only strengthen our economy now, but also completing this regional value chain in battery production.

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Strategically placed Project development locations.

Vulcan holds 18 granted licences in the Upper Rhine Valley, for a total secured licence area of 2,234km². The Company has acquired the geothermal brine and lithium rights (licences) through direct application to the respective mining authorities of the German states of Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, and Hessen. All exploration licences were granted in accordance with the German Federal Mining Act (Bundesberggesetz ‘BBergG’) for the purpose of commercial exploration of mining-free mineral resources: geothermal brine and lithium.

Vulcan plans to develop its licence areas in a phased approach. After Phase One, Phase Two and further phases are planned in step out areas. Subsequent phases are planned to follow to fully leverage the large licence area that Vulcan has secured. The Project plans for one upstream surface facility for geothermal and lithium extraction operations to be fed from multi-well pads. Phase One focuses on the core of the field including existing production wells.


Project Development Locations map

From Europe, for Europe Local European benefits.

  • Vulcan offers strong local employment opportunities, with over 380 employees to date, and growing, across a number of disciplines including engineering, project execution, chemicals and technology development.​
  • Locally produced and processed battery-grade lithium, aiming to be the first in Europe, supplying local offtakers including Stellantis and continuing to strengthen European decarbonisation targets.​
  • Project has a minimal environmental and social impact, with operational sites located in agricultural areas and no interaction with sites of ecological importance, according to preliminary environmental impact assessments undertaken by Natur SüdWest to date​.​
  • ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project Phase One has been deemed eligible for Equator Principles aligned Project Finance and has completed a bankable Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.​
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Carbon neutral lithium and climate-neutral district heating Added value in the project regions.

Our innovative method makes it possible to produce lithium from geothearmal brine. In addition to this valuable raw material which plays a key role in the development of electric transportation across Germany, heat and electricity are also generated in a climate neutral process which takes place directly on site and then used to supply the region.

vibro truck Mannheim

Reservoir exploration

Geoscience and engineering expertise in: Exploration, Project development, Drilling plans and Research & innovation
geothermal power plant insheim

Planning and engineering

Extensive experience in geothermal energy, lithium, chemicals, energy project execution, and drilling.
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Deep geothermal drilling

Vulcan has substantial in-house experience in drilling wells with an international team of experts.
pilot plant Insheim, VULSORB


In-house developed VULSORB® lithium sorbent means lithium production knowledge is on shored in EU and an in-house asset.

Power for production with the Vulcan plants. 

Vulcan’s current Phase One project area focuses on the core, brine, and energy-producing assets in the URVBF field. Vulcan is ramping up the first phase of production from its ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project whilst increasing production and our current renewable energy generation in tandem.

  • Vulcan Lithium Extraction Optimisation Plant
  • Vulcan Central Lithium Electrolysis Optimisation Plant
  • Vulcan Lithium Extraction Plant
  • Vulcan Central Lithium Plant
LEOP during construction
CLEOP during construction