Sustainability & Vulcan

As a carbon neutral business, Vulcan’s raison d’être is to be a leader in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ensuring sustainability goals are not merely aspirations but govern the way Vulcan operates in practice.

Proudly disruptive, Vulcan’s diverse team comes from all over the globe, united by a passion for environmentalism and science. Below are just some of the projects and initiatives we are currently focusing on.

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Sustainability & ESG Framework

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The Vulcan Compass



The Vulcan Compass guides our sustainable decision making – binding our purpose, mission, strategy and values together.

The Vulcan Compass incorporates our 3 sustainability themes:

Quality of Lifeimproving the quality of life for people, land and sea

Balancemaximising shareholder returns without compromising the needs of  future generations

Positive disruptionsustainable innovation and excellence in execution

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Minviro Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Vulcan uses prospective life cycle assessments (LCA) as part of our geothermal lithium process development in oder to reduce environmental impacts of our process for making lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LiOH•H2O) before capital expenditures are incurred. This allows us to quantify our environmental impacts, understand drivers of our impacts, and make decisions about our supply chains an energy use to minimise those impacts.

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Storm Taylor

MBA, BAHons. Art History, Grad. Dip Education

ESG Lead

  • Storm has business experience across a diverse range of industries including corporate advisory, education and hospitality which has given her a unique understanding of ESG requirements within a broad range of contexts.
  • During Storm’s time with Vulcan she has successfully certified the Australian organisation as Climate Active carbon neutral, has facilitated the company’s admission into the UN Global Compact and been instrumental in helping shape the Company’s ESG focused policies and processes.
  • Recently a Master of Business Administration graduate from the University of Western Australia, she is also a certified Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Professional. Storm leads Vulcan’s ESG strategy and implementation, focused on making our Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project world-class.
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Sustainability Reports

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ESG Company Policies

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Vulcan is a renewable energy producer and net zero carbon lithium developer for electric vehicles. We do not and will never engage in animal testing, or support companies who do.  

Vulcan is committed to environmental sustainability and the preservation of our planet’s forests. We recognise the critical role that forests play in maintaining biodiversity, regulating climate patterns, and providing livelihoods for communities around the world. We commit to helping ensure zero deforestation in our operations by actively working to conserve and protect forests, working with our supply chain, engaging with stakeholders and transparently reporting our efforts.