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Sustainability is at the heart of Vulcan Purpose and Mission.

Our purpose, our mission and our values are What drives us.

The world is in a race to get to net zero carbon and Vulcan is playing its part in disrupting and supporting decarbonisation efforts. We believe in our purpose: to empower a net zero carbon future. We will stand up for what truly matters, relentlessly determined to shape a better tomorrow.

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Our purpose.

We will empower a net zero-carbon future.


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Our mission.

Becoming Europe`s leading Zero Carbon Lithium™ business & enabling energy security through geothermal energy.

Join our OneVulcan culture Vulcan Values. 

We know our purpose and will make this a fun journey and one to be proud of!

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Climate champion

WE will pioneer a carbon-free future. WE stand up for what truly matters.
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WE are hungry for success and determined to shape tomorrow. WE tackle any challenge in front of us.
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WE are united in our passion for a better world. WE rise and inspire ourselves and others.
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“Our mission is clear: we are working hard to become Europe’s leading Zero Carbon Lithium™ Business and enabling energy security through geothermal renewable energy.”

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Cris Moreno
Managing Director and CEO