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International 30. May 2022

UN Global Compact

Vulcan is committed to working with people and organisations who share our values and sustainability ambitions.

We are thrilled to have been accepted as a participant of the United Nations Global Compact; a global network of over 15,000 companies and 4,000 non-business participants each committed to building a sustainable future.

Known as the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, the UN Global Compact is based on ten principles around four key themes of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. By becoming a member of the UN Global Compact, we commit to enacting these values in our culture, strategies, policies and procedures.  Vulcan will report against our efforts annually via our Communication on Progress (COP) uploaded to the UN Global Compact website.

Reflecting on becoming a member of this preeminent body, our CEO, Dr Francis Wedin said, “Environmentalism, progress through science and family. These values are core to me and to the business we have built.

“I believe we have a unique opportunity. What is happening in our lifetimes is a chance to harness science to break free from our attachment to carbon-based energy. To completely re-make the way we heat our water and food, power our homes and businesses, and how we move around. The world will be unrecognisable when my kids are grown up, and if we do this right it will be much, much better. Which is what it all boils down to: making the world better for my family.”

Storm Taylor, our ESG Lead commented, “I am excited that Vulcan is now recognised amongst the world’s business leaders as members of the UN Global Compact. Vulcan is just at the beginning of our journey and have the opportunity to inextricably build sustainability and ESG metrics, underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, into our core business model.

Vulcan’s raison d’être is to be a leader in ESG, as part of the Company’s goal to become the world’s first Zero Carbon Lithium™ business. This is embedded in everything we do and a driving factor to creating deep value for all our stakeholders.

While Vulcan is still working towards production, the company is dedicated to being net zero carbon verified today, with the Australian business certified as carbon neutral by Climate Active since 2020 and the European Union operations to gain a similar certification in the coming months.

Proudly disruptive, Vulcan’s diverse team comes from all over the globe, united by a passion for environmentalism and science. Demonstrating our commitment to diversity, women represent 35% of the workforce, while our board is gender balanced. Membership to the UN Global Compact network will help Vulcan on our sustainability trajectory and ensure that we are keeping Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-corruption at the forefront of everything we do.

Vulcan is focused on delivering the Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project and is targeting phase one production in late 2024.