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International 23. Apr 2024

Vulcan and ABB Partner for Phase One of ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project

Karlsruhe, 24 April 2024. Vulcan Energy Resources and ABB have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the electrical and automation delivery requirements of Vulcan’s Phase One integrated renewable energy and ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project.

The collaboration with ABB intends to leverage global industry leading expertise to optimise processes, shorten delivery time, and reduce and improve cost performance. Vulcan’s early engagement strategy will help the parties establish a solid foundation for collaboration, minimise risks, and support the on-time project execution of Vulcan’s Phase One integrated renewable energy ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project.

ABB Ltd., a Swedish-Swiss headquartered international company (SWX: ABBN – market capitalisation ca. 84 billion CHF), is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.

ABB is to identify, develop and propose the best solutions to the electrical and automation portion of the Phase One project development.

  • The timing of this agreement will also include later involvement with the EPCm contractor for process plants and EPC contractor for Phase One power plant to clarify design principles, standards, and interfaces.
  • Through this preparatory engagement, the collaboration will enable the clarification of design principles, standards, and interfaces, as well as early design and optimisation in electrification and automation for process and power.
  • Furthermore, the two companies aim to go beyond project completion, extending to operational support and continuous performance improvement initiatives throughout the lifecycle of the plant.

“This MoU marks the beginning of a promising long-term collaboration between Vulcan and ABB”, said Vulcan’s Managing Director and CEO, Cris Moreno. “We are delighted to be partnering with ABB to deliver world-leading solutions in electrical and automation for Phase One of our integrated renewable energy and ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project and beyond, reflecting our joint commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

“ABB’s MoU with Vulcan Energy Resources marks a significant partnership to jointly provide battery manufacturing expertise to the European market”, said Staffan Sodergard, Global Business Unit Battery Manufacturing Manager, ABB Process Industries. “This collaboration underscores ABB’s commitment towards advancing innovation and technology to the battery manufacturing industry”, he added.

Upon completion of the MoU scope by 31 October 2024, Vulcan and ABB aim to advance negotiations towards a definitive agreement for the execution of Phase One of the ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ and Renewable Energy Project activities.


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