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The Upper Rhine Valley Brine Field (URVBF) is a graben system containing a consistent geothermal lithium reservoir which, within Vulcan’s Phase One development area and based on Vulcan’s data (>LINK DFS) has an average lithium grade of 181 mg/l Li. The deep subsurface reservoirs targeted for lithium brine production are well explored in the region and have sufficiently high temperatures to support geothermal co-production with lithium recovery. There is a long history of deep well development in the URVBF, dating back to the 1980s, with many wells being developed for either hydrocarbon potential or geothermal potential.

Within the planned development area, Vulcan already has deep geothermal wells operating at the commercial geothermal energy plant at Insheim, and at neighbouring Landau South, where it has agreements with the licence owner.

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Vulcan’s current Phase One project area focuses on the core, brine, and energy-producing assets in the field, centred around Vulcan’s fully owned Insheim plant and licence.

Vulcan also holds 16 granted licences in the Upper Rhine Valley, for a total secured licence area of 1,790km². The Company has acquired the geothermal brine and lithium rights (licences) through direct application to the respective mining authorities of the German states of Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, and Hessen. All exploration licences were granted in accordance with the German Federal Mining Act (Bundesberggesetz ‘BBergG’) for the purpose of commercial exploration of mining-free mineral resources: geothermal brine and lithium.

Vulcan plans to develop its licence areas in a phased approach. After Phase One, Phase Two and further phases are planned in step out areas. Subsequent phases are planned to follow to fully leverage the large licence area that Vulcan has secured. The Project plans for one upstream surface facility for geothermal and lithium extraction operations to be fed from multi-well pads. Phase One focuses on the core of the field including existing production wells.

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